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Improvements in fuel cell designImprovements in fuel cell design

Rediscovering Venus to find faraway earths

Archaeologists discover bronze remains of Iron Age chariot

Researchers resolve the Karakoram glacier anomaly, a cold case of climate science

Fish tale: New study evaluates antibiotic content in farm-raised fishFish tale: New study evaluates antibiotic content in farm-raised fish

New 3-D display technology promises greater energy efficiencyNew 3-D display technology promises greater energy efficiency

Researchers break nano barrier to engineer the first protein microfiberResearchers break nano barrier to engineer the first protein microfiber

Magnetic mirrors enable new technologies by reflecting light in uncanny ways

Structure of an iron-transport protein revealedStructure of an iron-transport protein revealed

First step: From human cells to tissue-engineered esophagusFirst step: From human cells to tissue-engineered esophagus

Lift weights, improve your memory

Spiders: Survival of the fittest group

Autophagy helps fast track stem cell activationAutophagy helps fast track stem cell activation

Myelin vital for learning new practical skillsMyelin vital for learning new practical skills

More physical activity improved school performanceMore physical activity improved school performance

Around the world in 400,000 years: The journey of the red foxAround the world in 400,000 years: The journey of the red fox

Engineering new vehicle powertrainsEngineering new vehicle powertrains

Active aging is much more than exerciseActive aging is much more than exercise

Study: New device can slow, reverse heart failureStudy: New device can slow, reverse heart failure

Are the world's religions ready for ET?Are the world's religions ready for ET?

Recreating the stripe patterns found in animals by engineering synthetic gene networksRecreating the stripe patterns found in animals by engineering synthetic gene networks

Laying the groundwork for data-driven scienceLaying the groundwork for data-driven science

Hold on, tiger momHold on, tiger mom

Nature's designs inspire research into new light-based technologiesNature's designs inspire research into new light-based technologies

Missing piece found to help solve concussion puzzleMissing piece found to help solve concussion puzzle

Biologists delay the aging process by 'remote control'Biologists delay the aging process by 'remote control'

Geography matters: Model predicts how local 'shocks' influence U.S. economyGeography matters: Model predicts how local 'shocks' influence U.S. economy

Identified for the first time what kind of explosive has been used after the detonationIdentified for the first time what kind of explosive has been used after the detonation

Copied from nature: Detecting software errors via genetic algorithmsCopied from nature: Detecting software errors via genetic algorithms

Body Weekly - July 2011 Archives

Stated calories on menus of certain restaurants appear to be accurate overall (7/31/2011)

An examination of the calorie content of food from about 40 fast-food and sit-down restaurants in 3 states finds that overall the stated calories of items on the menus of the restaurants are accurate, although there was substantial inaccuracy for some individual foods, with understated calorie figures for those items with lower calorie contents, according to a study in the July 20 issue of JAMA. ...> Full Article

Vegetarian diet may protect against common bowel disorder (7/30/2011)

Vegetarians are a third less likely to get a common bowel disorder (diverticular disease) than their meat eating counterparts, finds a new study published on today. ...> Full Article

Do we buy cosmetics because they are useful or because they make us feel good? (7/29/2011)

Do we buy cosmetics because they are useful or because they make us feel good?A study by the University of the Basque Country shows that people who use cosmetics buy these products primarily for emotional reasons. The study was carried out on facial creams (hydrating and nutritive ones, colored or non-colored, and anti-wrinkle creams) and body creams (firming and anti-cellulite creams). ...> Full Article

'Love your body' to lose weight (7/28/2011)

Almost a quarter of men and women in England and over a third of adults in America are obese. Obesity increases the risk of diabetes and heart disease and can significantly shorten a person's life expectancy. New research published by BioMed Central's open-access journal International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity shows that improving body image can enhance the effectiveness of weight loss programs based on diet and exercise. ...> Full Article

Scientists discover new role for vitamin C in the eye -- and the brain (7/27/2011)

Nerve cells in the eye require vitamin C in order to function properly -- a surprising discovery that may mean vitamin C is required elsewhere in the brain for its proper functioning, according to a study by scientists at Oregon Health & Science University recently published in the Journal of Neuroscience. ...> Full Article

Natural chemical found in grapes may protect against Alzheimer's disease (7/26/2011)

Researchers at Mount Sinai School of Medicine have found that grape seed polyphenols -- a natural antioxidant -- may help prevent the development or delay the progression of Alzheimer's disease. ...> Full Article

Gradual bone reduction seen in some pill users (7/25/2011)

Birth control pills may reduce a woman's bone density, according to a study published online July 13 in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism by Group Health Research Institute scientists. Impacts on bone were small, depended on the woman's age and the pill's hormone dose, and did not appear until about two years of use. The researchers also reported how on bone density levels when a woman stops using the pill. ...> Full Article

In-shell pistachios: The original 'slow food?' (7/25/2011)

Two studies published in the current online issue of the journal Appetite indicate that consuming in-shell pistachios is a weight-wise approach to healthy snacking, offering unique mindful eating benefits to help curb consumption and decrease calorie intake. ...> Full Article

Intelligent bed on the way to the marketplace (7/24/2011)

Intelligent bed on the way to the marketplaceIt was Michael Sauter's idea -- an intelligent bed which would prevent patients from developing bedsores and reduce the strain on health care professionals. Within just two years he has succeeded in building a secure financial base for his company, «compliant concept». The first round of funding has drawn to a successful conclusion; the company can now grow and by the end of this year its first products will be available on the Swiss market. ...> Full Article

Summer's superfruit challenged: Latin American blueberries found to be 'extreme superfruits' (7/23/2011)

With antioxidant levels two to four times higher than the blueberries available in the US, two species native to Central and South America may challenge one of summer's favorite treats as a source of these disease-fighting substances. ...> Full Article

Personality plays role in body weight, according to study (7/23/2011)

News release concludes that personality can go through cycles of gaining and losing weight throughout their lives. ...> Full Article

The unsolved mystery of kava toxicity (7/22/2011)

A major new review of scientific knowledge on kava -- a plant used to make dietary supplements and a trendy drink with calming effects -- has left unsolved the mystery of why Pacific Island people can consume it safely, while people in the United States, Europe and other Western cultures sometimes experience toxic effects. The article appears in ACS' journal Chemical Research in Toxicology. ...> Full Article

Your mother was right: Study shows good posture makes you tougher (7/21/2011)

Mothers have been telling their children to stop slouching for ages. It turns out that mom was onto something and that poor posture not only makes a bad impression, but can actually make you physically weaker. According to a new study, adopting dominant versus submissive postures actually decreases your sensitivity to pain. ...> Full Article

Effects of exercise on meal-related gut hormone signals (7/20/2011)

Research to be presented at the upcoming annual meeting of the Society for the Study of Ingestive Behavior (SSIB), the foremost society for research into all aspects of eating and drinking behavior, finds that alterations of meal-related gut hormone signals may contribute to the overall effects of exercise to help manage body weight. ...> Full Article

Too much sitting may be bad for your health (7/19/2011)

Lack of physical exercise is often implicated in many disease processes. However, sedentary behavior, or too much sitting, as distinct from too little exercise, potentially could be a new risk factor for disease. The August issue of the American Journal of Preventive Medicine features a collection of articles that addresses many aspects of the problem of sedentary behavior, including the relevant behavioral science that will be needed to evaluate whether initiatives to reduce sitting time can be effective and beneficial. ...> Full Article

A classic instinct -- salt appetite -- is linked to drug addiction (7/18/2011)

A classic instinct -- salt appetite -- is linked to drug addictionA team of Duke University Medical Center and Australian scientists has found that addictive drugs may have hijacked the same nerve cells and connections in the brain that serve a powerful, ancient instinct: the appetite for salt. ...> Full Article

Natural pain relief from poisonous shrub (7/17/2011)

An extract of the poisonous shrub Jatropha curcas acts as a strong painkiller and may have a mode of action different from conventional analgesics, such as morphine and other pharmaceuticals. Details of tests are reported in the current issue of the International Journal of Biomedical Engineering and Technology. ...> Full Article

Higher-protein diets can improve appetite control and satiety (7/16/2011)

A new study demonstrates that higher-protein meals improve perceived appetite and satiety in overweight and obese men during weight loss . According to the research, published in Obesity, higher-protein intake led to greater satiety throughout the day as well as reductions in both late-night and morning appetite compared to a normal protein diet. ...> Full Article

Cutting down on salt doesn't reduce your chance of dying (7/15/2011)

Moderate reductions in the amount of salt people eat doesn't reduce their likelihood of dying or experiencing cardiovascular disease. This is the main conclusion from a systematic review published in the latest edition of the Cochrane Library. ...> Full Article

'Gifted' natural vitamin E tocotrienol protects brain against stroke in 3 ways (7/14/2011)

A natural form of vitamin E called alpha-tocotrienol can trigger production of a protein in the brain that clears toxins from nerve cells, preventing those cells from dying after a stroke, new research shows. This process is one of three mechanisms identified so far that this form of vitamin E uses to protect brain cells after a stroke, meaning that this natural substance might be more potent than drugs targeting single mechanisms for preventing stroke damage. ...> Full Article

Copper reduces infection risk by more than 40 percent (7/13/2011)

Copper reduces infection risk by more than 40 percentProfessor Bill Keevil, Head of the Microbiology Group and Director of the Environmental Healthcare Unit at the University of Southampton, has presented research into the mechanism by which copper exerts its antimicrobial effect on antibiotic-resistant organisms at the World Health Organization's first International Conference on Prevention and Infection Control. ...> Full Article

Massage eases low back pain in randomized controlled trial (7/12/2011)

Massage eases low back pain in randomized controlled trialMassage therapy helps ease chronic back pain and improve function, according to a randomized controlled trial the Annals of Internal Medicine will publish on July 5. The first study to compare structural and relaxation (Swedish) massage, the trial found that both types of massage worked well, with few side effects. Massage helped people with back pain to function even after six months. They were more able to work, take care of themselves, and be active. ...> Full Article

Simple test gives accurate prediction of ovulation to help women become pregnant (7/11/2011)

Using a widely available ovulation test is a more reliable method of predicting when a woman will be at her most fertile than the commonly used calendar method, the annual conference of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology heard today. Researchers said that the ovulation test could cope with cycle variability, whereas the calendar method could not. ...> Full Article

Sound localization at cocktail parties is easier for men (7/10/2011)

Differences in male and female behavior are often subject to study. Women are known to be more verbally fluent, have better manual dexterity. Men tend to excel in what are known as visuo-spatial abilities. A new study has demonstrated that men have a similar advantage in their hearing. The findings are published in the June 2011 issue of Elsevier's Cortex. ...> Full Article

Goodbye cold sores (7/9/2011)

Goodbye cold soresHerpes infections on the lips, in the eyes or on the nose are painful, long-lasting and unpleasant. A new 3-D herpes infection model brings hope: active ingredients and new treatments can be reliably tested with this model. Animal tests could soon be a thing of the past. ...> Full Article

Vitamin D supplements found to be safe for healthy pregnant women (7/8/2011)

Use of vitamin D supplements during pregnancy has long been a matter of concern but now researchers writing in the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research report that even a high supplementation amount in healthy pregnant women was safe and effective in raising circulating vitamin D to a level thought by some to be optimal. The study also found no adverse effects of vitamin D supplementation, even at the highest amount, in women or their newborns. ...> Full Article

Fidgeting your way to fitness (7/7/2011)

Walking to the photocopier and fidgeting at your desk are contributing more to your cardiorespiratory fitness than you might think. ...> Full Article

How cavity-causing microbes invade heart (7/6/2011)

Scientists have discovered the tool that bacteria normally found in our mouths use to invade heart tissue, causing a dangerous and sometimes lethal infection of the heart known as endocarditis. The work raises the possibility of creating a screening tool -- perhaps a swab of the cheek, or a spit test -- to gauge a dental patient's vulnerability to the condition. ...> Full Article

Related studies point to the illusion of the artificial (7/5/2011)

Reaching for a diet soda to lose weight might not be effective, two new studies suggest. ...> Full Article

Obese dieters' brain chemistry works against their weight-loss efforts (7/4/2011)

A University of Illinois study published in Obesity finds that when obese individuals reduce their food intake too drastically, their bodies appear to resist their weight loss efforts. The author particularly cautions against beginning a diet with a fast or cleansing day, which appears to trigger significant alterations in the immune system that work against weight loss. ...> Full Article

Trying to lose weight? Lose the fat substitutes (7/3/2011)

Trying to lose weight? Lose the fat substitutesFat substitutes used in popular snack foods to help people control weight may have the opposite effect, according to Purdue University research. ...> Full Article

Psychologists find link between ovulation and women's ability to identify heterosexual men (7/2/2011)

A new study by psychologists at the University of Toronto and Tufts University shows that a woman can more accurately identify a man's sexual orientation when looking at his face, when she is closest to her time of peak ovulation. Further, having romantic thoughts or a mating goal heightens a woman's ability to discriminate between straight and gay men. ...> Full Article

New research on community gardening reveals the roots of emotional and physical health (7/1/2011)

Jill Litt, Ph.D., author and associate professor at the University of Colorado School of Public Health and University of Colorado Boulder has been studying neighborhoods and health over the past decade. Litt 's research has shown that places such as community gardens matter in terms of neighborhood quality and people's health. ...> Full Article

Can humans sense the Earth's magnetism? (7/1/2011)

Research published in Nature Communications this week by faculty at the University of Massachusetts Medical School shows that a protein expressed in the human retina can sense magnetic fields when implanted into Drosophila, reopening an area of sensory biology in humans for further exploration. ...> Full Article

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Do caffeine's effects differ with or without sugar?Do caffeine's effects differ with or without sugar?

New study reveals Montmorency tart cherry juice accelerated recovery after intense cyclingNew study reveals Montmorency tart cherry juice accelerated recovery after intense cycling

Female sexual arousal: Facilitating pleasure and reproduction

Fat cells reprogrammed to increase fat burningFat cells reprogrammed to increase fat burning

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Toxic fruits hold the key to reproductive successToxic fruits hold the key to reproductive success

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Macrophages chase neutrophils away from wounds to resolve inflammationMacrophages chase neutrophils away from wounds to resolve inflammation

Don't worry, be happy; just go to bed earlier

Don't worry, be happy: Just go to bed earlier

3-D compass in the brain

NIH-funded study is decoding blue light's mysterious ability to alter body's natural clockNIH-funded study is decoding blue light's mysterious ability to alter body's natural clock

Vitamin supplement successfully prevents noise-induced hearing loss

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